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Carlyn LaGrone

Carlyn LaGrone
Health Systems Management

I've been involved in a number of service learning experiences due to my major here at Loyola. [Including Bethany Retirement Community, Play Works, & a health insurance co-op called Land of Lincoln.] My experience at all of these places gave me so much perspective. They allowed me to gain perspective both as an individual but also in regards to the healthcare industry. I learned so much about my abilities as a young woman and the impact I can make on others around me even by doing the smallest acts. The service learning experiences I was involved in were eye opening and rewarding. These hours counted for far more than just hours to receive credit for a course - they truly assisted in my transformative education here at the University. I will take the knowledge I gained from my service learning in each of my courses and utilize it when I enter the real world and start working in the healthcare industry. The healthcare system is evolving and constantly needs improvement so the insight gained from when I was able to connect with the community about healthcare related issues will be a positive resource for me to use moving forward in trying to make our country's healthcare system the best version of itself.