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Christine Dankha

Christine Dankha

The Loyola community has accepted me into its family, and I have taken advantage of the opportunities that I was given. I know my knowledge is expanding in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith. I have been working as a writing tutor at the Writing Center, a student researcher at Loyola University Chicago, and an altar server at Madonna Della Strada Chapel. I began working at the Writing Center at Loyola University Chicago since Fall 2014. I really enjoy being a part of the service and the environment that the writing center provides. It definitely should be necessary for writers to go to the writing center to look over their work and have an experienced writing tutor look over it, too. My writing process consists of organizing my ideas together in a web, producing a draft, organizing it, and revising it with the help of tutors and professors. It takes a lot of thinking and brainstorming to create the best rough draft. Once the rough draft is finished, it is important for a writing tutor to look at it to make sure that my writing makes sense. This helps me become more of a confident writer because the people that help me through the revision process help me recognize my mistakes in my writing. This process is the best way that works for me. Everyone has a different writing process. It really depends on the type of writer that you are and what works best for you. The ultimate goal for each writer is to clearly present your own writing in a format that makes sense to your target audience. Writing is a powerful tool that gives you a chance to express yourself and make an argument that lets the world know what you think. The Writing Center helps students become better writers and gives them a chance to look at their work again.

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