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Zareen Kamal

Zareen Kamal

Loyola claims that it provides students with a “transformative education.” Coming in, I didn’t really know what this meant. I remember thinking, Isn’t all education transformative in some way? How does one know whether or not he or she has been transformed at the end of four years? As I’m thinking about what exactly my Loyola experience means for me, I know that my community engagement and research involvement have been integral to my personal and professional growth. . . . I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and emailed Dr. Bohnert about my interest in joining the lab. My first semester in the lab was beneficial because, as the only freshman, I was able to learn from the upperclassman and take time to understand what my role would be as a research assistant. . . . By the end of the year, I had proposed an idea for my own independent research project and spent the summer helping with data collection efforts. . . . This past year has been particularly rewarding for me in terms of professional development because I received the opportunity to travel and present at SRCD. My first time attending an international research conference was an invaluable experience and I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere; being in an environment where people from all over the world gather to share their passions was uplifting. Presenting at the Weekend of Excellence was another highlight.