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Jessica Morgan

Jessica Morgan
Environmental Studies

Seven Generations Ahead (SGA) is a nonprofit organization that works to build and support sustainable and healthy communities. As an intern at SGA, I will be assisting specifically with the Zero Waste Schools program, which aims to reduce and divert lunch waste from landfills at various Chicago Public Schools, as well as helping with grant writing and research. [...] The opportunity to work closely on the strengthening and implementation of the Zero Waste Schools Program is particularly exciting to me, as the area I am most interested in working in in the environmental sector is the food system. My help with the Zero Waste Schools program aligns with the overall mission of the organization in that it drives and promotes school-based, community food scrap composting initiatives and maintains the importance of valuing our resources and being environmentally responsible stewards of the land. I believe this internship will be an excellent culminating experience in my Loyola career and feel well-prepared to take on the challenges that await. Working with SGA will allow me to learn more about the Chicago food system and recognize the work it takes to create change on the local level.