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Latriece Clark

Latriece Clark

I have participated in Dr. Harden's lab for almost a year now and have learned so much about research. I enjoy working in her lab and have gained valuable knowledge in data entry, data collection, coping measures, and statistical analysis. Her lab focuses on effects of community violence on African American youth and families and working in her lab has inspired me to pursue my current internship in program evaluation at Thresholds. Thresholds is a community based organization that aims to deinstitutionalize individuals struggling with mental health by providing the support and resources necessary to keep them functioning well and living within the community. Working in the program evaluation department at Thresholds has sparked my interest in pursuing a career in research and public health. I am learning valuable skills in data analysis that can later be applied in future settings. [...] My experience working in Dr. Harden's lab and Thresholds has provided the opportunity to gain confidence in my abilities to succeed as well as inspired me to pursue a graduate degree in my field.