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Addison Mauck

Addison Mauck
Communication Studies

"Volunteering at Epworth United Methodist Church exposed me to diversity beyond the Loyola Community. I was working with children of all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses for whom Epworth was not just a place of worship but a community gathering center. Many of the children in the Girl Scouting program, where I spent most of my volunteer hours, would often walk from home to the church, where they would be given lunch before the program began. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to inspire younger girls, as well as to myself live out what I had learned as a Girl Scout through coordinating efforts to make a positive impact on the Epworth Community. When I found out that Eva, a retired schoolteacher who by herself ran not only the Girl Scout program for kindergarten through 12th graders but also the Sunday School and preschool literacy program, I worked to coordinate more volunteers from my service learning class to help out. Fellow Loyola students helped not only with the scouting program but with church clean up, set up of church events, and decoration of the church for Advent. I look forward to continuing volunteering at Epworth as time allows and will definitely look into more volunteer opportunities through Chicago that will allow me to further grow in my understanding of diversity and broaden my world perspective."