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Edwin Chaharbakhshi

Edwin Chaharbakhshi
Bioinformatics/ Biology

"Performing undergraduate research with my fellow lab members under the guidance of Dr. Mierisch built upon many skills that will be extremely valuable throughout medical school and beyond. I have learned firsthand that the margin for error in the laboratory is often minuscule and the error can be typically avoided altogether through appropriate communication and inquiry. However, the key lesson my experience has taught me about the field of science is that it is vital to keep a positive mindset and to reflect upon your work while running any sort of test or experiment. It is commonplace for many experiments to yield unwanted results before seeing your first signs of success, which can sometimes feel rather defeating over a longer period of time. However, I have found that keeping track of tiny details, incorporating outside knowledge from the classroom, and asking questions to develop a fundamental understanding of the work I am doing has been essential for generating my success in the classroom, laboratory, and my workplace."