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Paul O'Malley

Paul O

On Saturday March 1st, five of us, three students and two professors from Loyola, woke up and departed for Dayton around 6 A.M. Upon arrival we set up our posters, which would later be presented, and headed to the currently underway oral presentations. The group split up as we bounced around from room to room which contained varying oral presentation topics, that sparked our individual interests. I saw upward of 15 presentations which fit into categories like evolutionary life history, ecological disease, ecology of restoration application practices, genetics/ genomics, and my favorite microbiology.

My poster presentation occurred later in the evening, and it was the most rewarding aspect of the trip for me. I was able to describe the faults and success of my research to 20 or so individuals. The questions they brought up expanded the future direction and potential for my project. Networking and hearing how others solved similar problems to my own in their labs demonstrated to me how important ongoing communication and discussion is in the scientific community.

The trip was a rewarding and scientific development opportunity for myself.