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Monique Quinn

Monique Quinn
Psychology, '13

My [experiential learning] seminar class really allowed me to explore not only the reason why I was doing research, but also what I was learning from my research experience. The class broadened my exposure to important components of research such as ethics, data ownership, and leadership within the lab. It was also a great class for me because it helped me in my professional writing, and taught me crucial skills such as making scientific posters, resume building, and the usefulness of having an e-portfolio. All in all, I really loved the class because it helped me apply my studies at Loyola to real life applications within the research lab

After graduating from Loyola University with a degree in Psychology, Monique moved to Houston in June to become an intern in Casa de Esperanza's Hands of Hope Internship Program.  Monique has grown to become an integral part of our organization's mission to care for children in crisis. When asked what the most important thing was that she had learned from her experience at Casa de Esperanza, Monique replied:

“In my short time here, I have learned that love and patience are the greatest gifts you can give to a child, and their importance is often grossly underestimated. It has been truly amazing to see the children at Casa de Esperanza grow and flourish due to strong and loving caregivers. Kathy and Bill's simple mission of providing a safe place for children in crisis has changed the lives and outlook of so many people, and I'm proud to count myself among them.”

Following her time at Casa de Esperanza, Monique hopes to attend medical school and further her education in pediatrics.