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Graduate Assistants

The Graduate Assistants in the Center for Experiential Learning support and promote the CEL’s programs in academic internships, learning portfolios, service learning, and undergraduate research. Pursuing their master’s and doctoral degrees, the graduate assistants share a wealth of knowledge and guidance! Meet them below!


M.Snead Headshot 

Merideth Snead

CEL Engaged Learning Graduate Assistant 

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Graduate Program: MEd in Higher Education

Undergraduate Institution and Major: University of Dayton; Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Favorite Spot in Chicago: Museum Campus - I love visiting new exhibits, plus it's right on the lake and you get a great view of the city!

Fun Fact: I was an NCAA athlete for about a semester :)


What do you do in your position at the CEL?: 

I support the university's Engaged Learning requirement.

What drew you to working in the CEL?: 

I took a Curriculum in Higher Education course in the Spring of 2017 that introduced me to the concepts that surround designing significant learning experiences for students.  

Why is experiential learning important?: 

I believe that experience is necessary for high-impact learning to occur for students.  Students need to be able to transfer what they learn in the classroom into practical knowledge, and apply it to real-world situations.

What is your favorite experience/memory of experiential learning?: 

For my Entrepreneurship capstone project at UD, students were put into teams and paired with a small business in the Dayton community.  We consulted for the businesses to identify areas of their enterprise that could use more support or improvement, and made recommendations based on the knowledge we possessed from the Entrepreneurship program.  It was really rewarding, as a student,  to see those recommendations actually put to use within a startup!

What are your plans after graduating from Loyola?: 

I am relishing the opportunities available to me right now to explore as many functional areas of higher education as possible, to help form a long-tem vision for my career.  I was supported by passionate and caring student affairs professionals throughout my undergraduate education and I just strive to provide the same level of care and support to students in the work that I will do. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?: 

Grad school definitely keeps me busy, but I am happiest when I am able to spend some quality time with friends and family.  Even better if it's over a great meal!