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About the Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio & How to Earn Your Diploma or Commemorative Frame

Your Loyola Experience is not just one experience, but really a collection of your experiences over several years – classes, student organizations, community engagement, internships, study abroad, leadership opportunities, etc. During your time at Loyola, you’ve honed in on your skills, knowledge, and strengths to enact change and set the world on fire! The Loyola Experience is a collection of integrated academic, spiritual, and social experiences which are intended to build your knowledge, skills, and values, and complement your unique talents, gifts, and desires. 

The Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio is an opportunity to demonstrate your learning and experiences in a digital learning portfolio. In doing so, you are eligible to earn either a commemorative frame that displays all four of your Loyola Experience keys OR a coveted Loyola Experience diploma frame!

This opportunity is open to all Loyola Juniors and Seniors who have already taken or currently enrolled in an Engaged Learning course. Submissions are due Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 11:59 pm. 

The Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio will be reviewed by Loyola faculty and staff who will award the top 3 Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolios the Loyola Experience Diploma Frame and the next top 7 the Loyola Experience Commemorative Frame.

How do I earn a frame?


Respond to these reflections on your learning portfolio that are designed to help you make meaning and critically reflect on your Loyola Experience. It is encouraged (but not necessary) that you build off of the learning portfolio you created in UNIV 101. Please note that some students have built a UNIV 101 portfolio off of Weebly. Weebly is no longer able to be accessed on Loyola's network due to security reasons, so Weebly-based learning portfolios may not be submitted. 

You are encouraged to build your portfolio off of Taskstream-TK20, Loyola's official learning portfolio platform. There is a Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio template found on TaskStream-TK20 you can optionally use, as well. Here is an easy step by step Creating and Submitting your Loyola Experience Learning Portfolio Guide ‌to help you create a portfolio using our template, or check out the video below!

To login to Taskstream-TK20, use your Loyola Username and Password at eportfolio.luc.edu

For further assistance, you can find further examples, our rubric for the Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio, and a quick tutorial below! Make sure to add some snazzy multimedia with the help of our tutorials!


Submit your learning portfolio by or on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

You can submit your link to the form found on Taskstream-TK20, which is Loyola's official learning portfolio platform. You can log on using your Loyola Username and Password to eportfolio.luc.edu.

Submit your portfolio link on the form titled "Spring 2018 Loyola Experience Engagement Key and Diploma Frame Submission." For a step by step guide for submitting your link see our Submitting your Loyola Experience Learning Portfolio Guide ‌ or view our tutorial below.

Not seeing the form on Taskstream-TK20? Please email us at eportfolio@luc.edu and we will grant you access. 


Reminder: The deadline for Loyola Junior or Senior students to submit their portfolio is by or on Sunday, March 25, 2018. Recipients will be notified in advance. 


Have Questions? Want further help?

Earning a frame is competitive! Stop by the Center for Experiential Learning in Sullivan 295 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday and get help and feedback from the Learning Portfolio Peer Mentor Team!

Loyola Experience Culminating Portfolio Workshop with dinner provided will be held in March 2018 for interested Junior and Senior students to learn how to create and submit a portfolio. Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. 

Email us at eportfolio@luc.edu for further inquires.