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The ePortfolio 101 Site provides an in-depth overview of what an ePortfolio is, a list of suggested artifacts to include, as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to add multimedia content to your ePortfolio in order to maximize creativity and professionalism.

Other Guides & Resources

For students, faculty, & staff enrolled in a Directed Response Folio (DRF) - a program that allows students to submit work to be evaluated or assessed as part of a course or assessment program:

For students, faculty, & staff seeking to create a Folio/Web Page - a completely customizable ePortfolio to be used for personal or professional development:

Training Videos

Visit the LUC ePortfolio YouTube Channel to access our self-guided training modules on the following topics:

  • Video 1 - Accessing TaskStream
  • Video 2 - Submitting Assignments in TaskStream
  • Video 3 - Creating a New Folio-Web Page in TaskStream

Walk-In Hours

You can meet with a Peer Mentor during walk-in hours for TaskStream ePortfolio, located in the Center for Experiential Learning, Sullivan, Room 295 Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1:30-4 PM and Tuesday/Thursday from 10:30 AM - 1 PM.


Participate in a group advising session to get feedback and guidance in the process of creating your ePortfolio! Folio-shops are 30-minute, interactive sessions for varying ability levels designed to support students, faculty, and staff in creating an ePortfolio. To schedule a Folio-shop for your students, contact eportfolio@luc.edu.

Email Support

You may email questions about this resource to eportfolio@luc.edu

Technical Support

You may request technical support regarding TaskStream ePortfolios directly with TaskStream by calling 1-800-311-5656.  Follow the prompts and identify your affiliation with Loyola University Chicago.

If you are unable to login to TaskStream please contact eportfolio@luc.edu for trouble-shooting or to request an account.