Loyola University Chicago

Center for Experiential Learning


CEL Faculty Fellow

Stefan Kanzok

I have been an active research faculty member in the Biology department since 2007. Working on the infectious disease Malaria naturally attracts students to my lab. At Loyola undergraduate researchers are an integral and important part of any research lab. Students have the opportunity to apply, test and, evaluate concepts from class room and lab courses to actual front-line research. Working in a lab on their own projects allows them to learn and use new techniques and communication skills and obtain a practical understanding of molecular processes and biological concepts. This transforms students from passive in-class attendants to active lab researchers to the point when conversations between mentor and student are no longer limited to instructive teachings but have evolved to productive scientific discussions between a principle investigator (PI) and his/her research assistant(s). And when a student presents his/her work at local and national research conferences they also represent the outstanding potential of each Loyola undergraduate student and his/her faculty mentor.