Loyola University Chicago

Department of English


Suzanne Bost, Ph.D.

Title/s: Professor

Specialty Area: American literature; Latina/o studies; feminist theory; cultural studies

Office #: Crown Center 447

Phone: 88470



Teaching Philosophy:
Teaching can and should be transformative for all involved.  I believe that learning is reciprocal between professor and student, and I encourage students to question my perspective as well as the parameters of what we are studying.  I insist upon active thinking, thoughtful questioning, and constant reviewing of what we thought we already knew.  Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary comparison help us to think beyond familiar boundaries and unmoor the intellectual status quo.  I seek, in particular, to open students' eyes to material that is often marginalized in university curricula.

Offices Held:
Graduate Program Director for Women's Studies and Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies Representative to the Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly


B.A. (Honors English and Spanish) University of Texas at Austin in 1992

Ph.D. (English) Vanderbilt University in 1997

Program Areas

19th and 20th century American literature; Latina/o Studies; Feminist Theory; Cultural Studies

Selected Publications

Recent Publications:
“Illness and Healing in Latino/a Literature.” The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature. Edited by Suzanne Bost and Frances Aparicio. Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2012.

“Ex-centric Subjects: Motherhood and/as Disability in Nancy Mairs and Cherríe Moraga.” Disability and Mothering. Edited by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson and Jan Cellio. Syracuse University Press, 2011.

“Hurting to Change the World: My Grandmother, Faith, and Gloria Anzaldúa.” Bridging: How and Why Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa’s Life and Work Transformed Our Own. Edited by Gloria González-López and AnaLouise Keating. University of Texas Press, 2011.

"Team-Teaching Transnationalism: Comparison and Difference in the Americas. " Co-authored with Elizabeth Russ.  Brujula 7, Fall 2008.   

"From Race/Sex/Etc. to Glucose, Feeding Tube, and Mourning: The Shifting Matter of Chicana Feminism." Material Feminisms.  Edited by Stacy Alaimo and Susan Hekman. Indiana University Press, 2007.    

"Gloria Anzaldua's Mestiza Pain: Mexican Sacrifice, Chicana Embodiment, and Feminist Politics." Aztlan, vol. 30, no. 2, Fall 2005, pp. 5-31.

The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature. Co-edited with Frances Aparicio. (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, September 2012.)

Encarnación: Illness and Body Politics in Chicana Feminist Literature (Fordham University Press, 2009)

Mulattas and Mestizas: Representing Mixed Identities in the Americas, 1850-2000 (University of Georgia Press, 2003)