Loyola University Chicago

Department of English

University and Department Policies


Attendance: Because participating in classroom instruction, responding to the work of your peers, and writing in class are essential to success in writing courses, students are expected to attend all classes. Individual instructors are free to set their own requirements for attendance and class participation, and to include these factors as components of your final grade; consult your instructor's syllabus for specific guidelines. Please also consult the statement on Class Attendance in the Undergraduate Studies Catalog. Students who miss class are still responsible for doing the homework and turning papers in on time. If you anticipate that you may have to be absent for an extended period, you must notify in advance the New Student Advising office as well as your instructor to make appropriate arrangements.

Conferences: Since writing styles and problems vary, private conferences with the instructor are essential in writing courses. Each student is expected to confer with his or her instructor at least once during the course.

Grading: The final grade will be based on the quality of the student's writing, as demonstrated in papers and other assignments; on examinations and quizzes; and, at the instructor's discretion, on improvement and class participation. No student can receive a higher grade for the course than is commensurate with the quality of his or her writing.

Acknowledgment of Sources: Dishonesty in any form, whether in tests or in submitting assignments that are not wholly the student's own work, will not be tolerated. A student may receive the grade of "F" for any such dishonesty.