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The Writing Programs reflect Loyola's continued commitment to helping students write clearly and eloquently. In keeping with that goal, the writing courses are designed to meet the needs of students with various levels of skill and experience in writing. The university employs several methods of placement—e.g. standardized test scores, the Writing Program Assessment, a language proficiency test and previous coursework—to determine each student's needs. During registration, you will receive advice on which courses will best build upon your writing foundations. Most incoming students enroll in one of four courses: English 100, 102 or 103, or UCWR 110.

Most students will take UCWR 110, the Core Writing Seminar, during the Fall or Spring of their first year. This course is intended to help students become skilled analytical readers; writers of clear, focused, graceful, mechanically correct, and appropriately complex prose; and competent researchers. The skills learned in UCWR 110 are essential to your success in all college classes, and Loyola's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. A final course grade of "C-" or better is required to complete UCWR 110; students who do not earn this grade must repeat the course in the immediately following semester. Some students may be required to take either English 100 (Developmental Writing) or English 102 (Basic Writing I - English as a Second Language) or English 103 (Basic Writing II - English as a Second Language) before taking UCWR 110.