Loyola University Chicago

Engineering Science



The Engineering Science Department is located on the Lake Shore Campus in Cuneo Hall and Centennial Forum Student Union.

Our Facilities include:

  • Freshman Design Lab (Cuneo 303) – This lab has a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer, that enables students to print their SolidWorks projects.

  • Biomedical Engineering Teaching Lab (CFSU 101) – This lab enables students to work with standard medical devices and develop/test medical device software.

  • Computer Engineering Teaching Lab (CFSU 102) – This lab enables students to gain hands-on experience in instrumentation, microcontroller/FPGA programming, and analog/digital circuit implementation.

  • Environmental Engineering Teaching Lab (Flanner 016) – This lab is equipped for water quality analysis, optimization of wastewater treatment processes, and characterization of flow in environmental systems.

  • Student Lounge (Cuneo 303) – At night, the Freshman Design Lab becomes our dedicated student lounge.