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The BSEd in Elementary Education is grounded in the belief that outstanding teachers are prepared for the classroom when they participate in a program that emphasizes high academic achievement, the importance of each child as an individual, and an understanding of the theories of learning and education.

Students gain experiences in school settings beginning in their freshman year. The experiences are designed to prepare students for student teaching, the "capstone" experience of the program. Students have opportunities to work with children in various learning activities in both urban and suburban environments.

Program benefits

  • Attend classes on-site at partner schools, museums, cultural institutions, and community organizations, blending classroom and field experiences.
  • Gain extensive deep experiences engaging with diverse populations, including students with special needs and those labeled as English language learners (all graduates are eligible for ESL endorsement).
  • Continually collaborate with faculty and students at all levels within your chosen specialty through professional learning communities.
  • Earn a certificate to teach worldwide through the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Program outcomes

  • Candidates will apply deep understanding of both content and pedagogy to provide developmentally appropriate instruction to all students. 
  • Candidates will hold high expectations and build on the assets of diverse students. 
  • Candidates will utilize information from theories and related research-based practices when making decisions and taking action in their professional practice. 
  • Candidates will use data to drive instruction and assess teaching and learning effectiveness.

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