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MA in Community Counseling


The MA degree in Community Counseling, conferred by The Graduate School, is a research-oriented program designed for students who intend to pursue a doctoral degree in counseling psychology, counselor education or related fields.

While MA degree students may be interested in the master's-level professional practice of counseling in a variety of mental-health settings, most are also interested in study beyond the master's degree and plan to pursue doctoral studies in PhD or PsyD degree programs. With some additional coursework, graduates of the MA program will meet the educational requirements for the Professional Counselor License (LPC) in Illinois.

Program benefits

  • Prepare for doctoral study in counseling psychology, counselor education or a related field.
  • Focus on research, with courses in research methods and statistics.
  • Complete the program in just two years.
  • Study at a fully-accredited, respected college committed to social justice in scientific and practice settings.

Program outcomes

  • Understand the knowledge bases of the counseling professions.
  • Capable of applying the knowledge base of their disciplines in an ethical, reflective, and culturally-responsive manner.
  • Evaluate research, appreciate the contribution of empirical inquiry to the solution of applied problems, and apply research findings to their practices.
  • Knowledgeable of the social-cultural contexts of human development.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of their interventions with empirically sound methods
  • Participate in continuing professional education and supervision in their future professional lives and who involve themselves in activities of their professional associations.
  • Committed to social justice in scientific and practice settings.

Explore the program

The Counseling Psychology Program Distinguished Alumnus/a Award is given for outstanding contributions to the profession and the school. It is presented annually at the Loyola School of Education’s Fall Alumni Reception.