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School of Education


MEd in Administration & Supervision for Principal Preparation

Completion of the MEd degree program requires 48 semester hours. The program is cohort-based, and requires four semesters of internships. Completion of the entire master’s degree program will meet the requirements for an Illinois Principal Credential.

Required Courses (48 semester hours)

See links below for sequence and timing of classes.

  • CIEP 431: Three-Tiered Prevention: Advanced Primary
  • CIEP 432: Three-Tier Prevention: Secondary and Tertiary
  • CIEP 442: Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • CIEP 471: Theoretical Foundations for Teaching
  • CIEP 505: Literacy and Numeracy for Principals
  • ELPS 406: Foundations Using Data for Continuous
  • ELPS 407: Leading for Data-Based Decision Making
  • ELPS 465: Instructional Leadership: Cultural Context for
                        Informed Decision Making (Rome) 
    CIEP 473: Instructional Leadership for Multicultural
                       Schools (WTC)
  • ELPS 481: Mission-Driven Leadership for Principals
  • ELPS 482: School Supervision for Principals
  • ELPS 483: Human and Fiscal Resources for Principals
  • ELPS 484: School Law, Policy Formation, and Community
  • ELPS 480: Master's Residency Seminar (coaching sessions
                       - this non-credit course does not require
  • ELPS 566: Principal Internship One
  • ELPS 567: Principal Internship Two
  • ELPS 568: Principal Internship Three
  • ELPS 569: Principal Internship Four

Length of Program: Students will complete the program in two and one-half years. Candidates will take six semester hours per semester (including summers).

Continuous Enrollments: Master's students in Administration & Supervision are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that students complete the cohort in the course sequence and time frame as defined. A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the School of Education’s Associate Dean of Student Academic Services

Illinois Licensure Requirements: Candidates in all programs leading to Illinois licensure are required to pass an Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), the appropriate endorsement exam, and a State Criminal Background Check.

Degree Conferral: While the commencement ceremony is every May, degrees can be conferred May, August, and December. Students must apply for graduation/degree conferral. Students should apply for graduation in the semester they anticipate completing all degree requirements. Failure to meet application deadlines may result in a delay of the conferral of the degree to the following semester. Applications for Degree Conferral are due:

  • August 1 for December conferral
  • December 1 for May conferral

Please note the degree conferral application is valid for only one semester. If the degree is not conferred for the semester requested, a new application is required for a subsequent semester.

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