Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Course Sequence - CPS

M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision for Principal Preparation

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Cohort:
Courses meet at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus
Tuesdays 7:00–9:30 p.m.
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                               (will meet 5 times per semester)
Internship courses: Held at a candidate's school site

Year 1
Semester Required Courses
 Fall ELPS 481: Mission-Driven Leadership for
ELPS 482: School Supervision for Principals
ELPS 566: Principal Internship I
 Spring ELPS 483: Human and Fiscal Resources for
ELPS 484: School Law, Policy, and Community
ELPS 567: Principal Internship II
Summer Summer I: ELPS 406: Foundations Using Data for
                                         Continuous Improvement
Summer II: CIEP 431: Three-Tiered Prevention:
                                         Advanced Primary Support
Year 2
Fall ELPS 407: Leading for Data-Based Decision
ELPS 568: Principal Internship III
 Spring CIEP 442: Curriculum Development and
ELPS 569: Principal Internship IV
Summer Summer I: CIEP 471: Foundations for Teaching
Summer II: ELPS 465: Instructional Leadership:
                                         Cultural Context for
                                         Informed Decision-Making
                     CIEP 473:  Instructional Leadership for
                                        Multicultural School
Year 3
 Fall CIEP 432:  Three-Tier Prevention: Secondary and
                    Tertiary Support
ELPS 480*: Master's Residency Seminar:
                     Survivng & Thriving as a CPS Principal
 Spring CIEP 505: Literacy and Numeracy for Principals
ELPS 480*: Master's Residency Seminar:
                    Survivng & Thriving as a CPS Principal

* ELPS 480 is a non-credit course with no tuition.