Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Frequently Asked Questions


College graduates, or those expected to graduate in the spring prior to entry into the program, are invited to apply. If your undergraduate is in the field of education, you should not have the license that is offered by LU CHOICE (see below). Please see the program handbook for more information or contact the program director for a more detailed discussion about the eligibility of education majors. LU CHOICE is also designed for non-married persons. A married couple could be accepted if both persons were accepted into the program.

Applicants must have in interest in working  with elementary school children and receiving a Professional Educator License (PEL) with an elementary endorsement (grades 1 -6) allowing you to teach self- contained grades 1-6. LU CHOICE teachers can be placed in grades 1-8. Those teaching 7th or 8th grade must also teach 6th grade in order to meet licensing requirements.

Yes, LU-CHOICE welcomes graduates of schools other than Loyola.

LU-CHOICE places teachers in elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago in grades first through eighth.  We do not place our teachers in high schools.

One of the pillars of LU-CHOICE is community life. Community is a source of professional support, personal growth, and shared faith. Therefore, all LU-CHOICE teachers are required to live in community.

First year LU-CHOICE teachers live in residential dorms on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus while they take classes during the summer.  Teachers are provided a meal plan, so they eat in the school’s dining halls.  Second year LU CHOICE teachers live in their community home during their second summer in the program.

LU-CHOICE serves schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  LU-CHOICE staff will place you according to the needs of the Archdiocese and each school.

Loyola's School of Education created a class sequence for LU-CHOICE that will prepare its teachers for the classroom as well as fulfill the requirements of the Master's degree with certification.  LU-CHOICE teachers take classes each summer, during each semester of teaching, and earn student-teaching credit hours, for a total of 49 credit hours.

Participants receive several benefits, both tangible and intangible. Each LU-CHOICE teacher receives a modest stipend to cover living expenses, such as rent and groceries. Participants are eligible for undergraduate loan deferment, and some participants may be eligible for Perkins Loan forgiveness. Also, LU-CHOICE provides an opportunity to earn an M.Ed from Loyola University Chicago. Most importantly, LU-CHOICE allows participants to put their faith in action by serving and living in community with others.

LU-CHOICE participants are responsible for paying rent and utilities after they move into their community home.  They also pay for groceries, transportation, books for class and other education related expenses. (see program handbook for more detailed information about expenses).

While some LU-CHOICE teachers do find having a car convenient, having a car is not a requirement.  Community members are encouraged to share their resources and carpool with those who do not own cars.