Loyola University Chicago

School of Education


JD/MA in Law & Comparative Education

To complete the JD/MA program, students must complete 65 Law credit hours plus 25 Education credit hours for a total of 90 credit hours. The JD and MA degrees are awarded concurrently upon the successful completion of degree requirements for both programs.

While this dual-degree program has courses with a prescribed sequence, each follows the university's regular program.  All program requirements apply for each area as well as each school's broader policies and procedures.

Course Sequence

The following curriculum is tentative; we anticipate some adjustments as faculty availability permits, especially in regard to the third year offerings.

First Year
Fall Semester Hours
LAW 110: Civil Procedure 4
LAW 150: Property 4
LAW 160: Torts 4
LAW 190: Legal Writing 2
Spring Semester Hours
LAW 120: Constitutional Law 4
LAW 130: Contracts 4
LAW 140: Criminal Law 3
LAW 194: Legal Writing 2
RMTD 400: Research Methods 3
Second Year
Fall Semester Hours
LAW 371: International Business Transactions 3
LAW 172: Comparative Law 2
LAW 221: Administrative Law 3
LAW 410: Advocacy 2
ELPS 420: Philosophy of Education 3
ELPS 455: Comparative Education 3
Spring Semester Hours
LAW 210: Evidence OR
LAW 270: Business Organizations
LAW 372: International Law & Practice 3
ELPS 410: Sociology of Education 3
LAW 461: Education Law & Policy 3
LAW 608: Juvenile Justice Seminar 2
Summer Semester Hours
ELPS 565: International Education Internship* 4
LAW 581: International Law Externship 2
Third Year
Fall Semester Hours
LAW: Professional Skills Elective** 2
ELPS 447: History of Modern European Education*** 3
LAW 414: Professional Responsibility 3
ELPS 550: Seminar on Education & Globalization 3
LAW 606: Child Law Legislation 3
Spring Semester Hours
LAW 238: Comparative Law Seminar 3
LAW 289: Advanced Legal Research 1
LAW 294: International Human Rights 3
ELPS 456: Comparative Perspectives on Education & Democratization*** 3
ELPS 595: Thesis Supervision 0

* Prospective Internship Organizations (not exhaustive list): Human Rights State Commission of Monterrey (Mexico), Global Campaign for Education , Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education, Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, Global March Against Child Labor, UNESCO Institute for Educational Planning, Right to Education Project.

** Specific course will be announced as up to 25 different law courses can fill this requirement.

*** ELPS courses shown for the third year will not necessarily be taught in the semesters listed. On occasion, one or two of them may be replaced by other advanced ELPS courses.

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