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Sardar Mohi Anwaruddin

Sardar Mohi Anwaruddin
M.A. in Cultural and Educational Policy Studies
Country of Origin
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What inspired you to be an educator?

What inspired me to become an educator is my belief that sustainable social change comes through an effective education system. I pondered various social, political, and economic issues of my country, and concluded that a peaceful future depends on whether or not our schools provide the students with an education that is democratic and meaningful to them. This vision of promoting democracy through education inspired me to become an educator.

What are the greatest educational needs in your country?

I believe that the greatest educational need in my country is teacher education. There is no organized or systematic training/education program for the in-service teachers. Most of the teachers do not have up-to-date knowledge about pedagogy.

How will what you learn at Loyola positively impact your work in your country when you return?

The knowledge and skills I am learning at Loyola University Chicago will positively impact my work as a teacher educator when I return to my home country. This past summer, I went to Bangladesh and conducted three professional development workshops for English teachers. I taught Understanding by Design (UbD), which I learned at Loyola, as a curriculum framework to the participants. I hope to conduct more workshops and training sessions for in-service teachers when I go back to my country upon graduation from Loyola. I believe my knowledge and skills learned in my M.Ed. program will greatly impact my endeavors to bring about positive changes in the education system in my country.