Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

2009 Award Citation

Higher Education Program Distinguished Alumnus/a Award

Presentation Remarks Made By
Terry E. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director
American College Personnel Association Annual Convention
National Harbor, Maryland
March 30, 2009 

We have established an award that recognizes an outstanding graduate of either our master’s or doctoral program in Higher Education.  We have had a master’s program in place since the early 1960’s and our Higher Education doctoral program since 1982 and we now have hundreds of graduates serving in higher education throughout the nation providing outstanding service. This award is presented to one individual who embodies the core values of our program, the School of Education, and the University and whose professional practice exemplifies the traditions of a true scholar-practitioner.

With tremendous pride, we are delighted to announce that our 2009 Award recognizes the outstanding leadership, scholarship, and service contributions to the higher education community of a very special graduate of our program: Dr. Cary M. Anderson, who completed his M.A. with us in 1992. Cary's leadership and service over the past two decades have been exemplary and not only does his record of achievement speak for itself but his professional colleagues with whom we have been in contact have reinforced how meaningful those contributions have been to students, professional colleagues who have worked side by side with him, and also to those across the entire nation who have had opportunities to serve with him in various capacities through his active leadership in professional associations, especially NASPA and JASPA, the Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators.


Cary's contributions clearly represent the consummate 'scholar-practitioner' in our field. He has always been a gifted scholar going back to his days as a Hawkeye at Iowa where, as an honors graduate, he was recognized for his achievements through induction into the Iowa chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, a stellar accomplishment. Loyola then welcomed Cary into our program where he also excelled and became one of a very small number who chose to undertake an empirical study for a master's thesis, which was an option at that time. Knowing Cary, his research, not surprisingly, was focused on examining the impact of undergraduate student community service on post-collegiate volunteerism, an interest that is very congruent with deeply held values even to today. Cary's love for academic stimulation and challenge propelled him to quickly continue his studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, while still holding down a full-time position, where he earned his doctorate in Higher Education Administration in 1998 and conducted research on the use of technology by academics in communicating internationally. During this time Cary also received the Roberta Christie Graduate Student Essay Award presented annually by ACPA. I am especially proud of Cary for receiving this award as it is named after a now deceased, full-time faculty member who founded the College Student Personnel graduate program at Loyola during the 1960s and was very active within ACPA,

Since leaving Loyola's program and with many options available to him, Cary has chosen to serve his entire career in Jesuit higher education achieving increasingly responsible student affairs roles. Upon leaving Loyola, he began his career at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, then on to Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, and at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, where he currently serves as Vice President for Student Life. As a scholar and a practitioner, Cary has always found time to serve his Jesuit institutions through teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years, he has taught several higher education graduate courses on topics such as the law, organization and administration, technology, and history. He has chosen to serve students by directing their thesis research and has served, in addition to his full-time leadership roles, as an academic advisor to special groups of undergraduate students who could most benefit from his caring approach and mentorship.

Cary's contributions through professional service to our field are also quite impressive. Throughout his career, Cary has lived the values embedded in the developmental concept of 'generativity' by giving back to our field. He has remained very active in various national organizations but especially in NASPA and in JASPA. He has assumed a variety of leadership and service roles within these organizations and only a few years ago, JASPA awarded Cary its 'Ignatian Medal for Outstanding Service to JASPA' recognizing him for his countless hours of hard work, service, and leadership on behalf of the mission of that Jesuit organization. Throughout this time, Cary also published a number of manuscripts in a variety of professional journals and remained active with his scholarship even while balancing a full-time job, family, and community commitments. Additionally, within NASPA, Cary served four years on the NASPA Journal editorial board reviewing countless manuscripts and providing leadership for that important journal; and, just two years ago, he was chosen to become Editor of the NASPA Journal, service that is critically important to generating new knowledge within our field and its dissemination.


In closing, I can think of no graduate more deserving to receive our program's distinguished alumnus/a award than Dr. Cary Anderson. I remember him well and very fondly in classes but others who have worked with him in recent years in Jesuit higher education also reveal how committed he is to serving others. They have said that he is truly 'a great person for others, a fantastic administrator who puts students first, and that he is simply a good, quiet spoken citizen of the earth.' One colleague stated that Cary is viewed at his institution as someone 'who walks on water' but quickly added that 'I know he is a runner but I could not testify about the walking on water part!' When Cary was at Canisius College, he twice received the 'Faculty Mentor of the Year Award' from students at that institution, further evidencing the values that we have come to appreciate and respect in him. Throughout all of his service, he has always been committed to family as well and this award also recognizes not only Cary, but his wonderful wife, Cindy, and their daughter, Che, as well.

There are countless individuals all across the nation who have in some way benefited from Cary's teaching, scholarship, and service and Lord willing there will be countless more ahead as Cary continues his life journey serving in higher education. Cary, I thank you for all that you have given to others and offer my heart-felt congratulations not only to you but also to Cindy and to Che. Loyola is very proud to call you one of our own. Congratulations!