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School Discipline Reform Certificate


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The School of Law and School of Education at Loyola University offer an online certificate in School Discipline Reform for professionals committed to serving their students and their communities by understanding, shaping, and implementing prevention-oriented approaches to school discipline. This part-time program is designed to equip education professionals-superintendents, principals, other school and district-level administrators, school attorneys, discipline deans, school psychologists, school social workers, counselors, and other educators - with the tools and skills to needed to lead comprehensive initiatives to reduce the use of suspensions and expulsions and their adverse impacts on vulnerable students.

Students may also pursue this certificate as part of an online Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) degree in Children’s Law and Policy.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the School Discipline Certificate.

Program Benefits

This certificate program equips participants to:

  1. Understand fundamental legal principles and law that guide school discipline practices;
  2. Review and analyze school and district-level discipline data and conduct a root cause analysis;
  3. Develop and conduct a needs assessment related to school discipline in their respective settings;
  4. Plan, facilitate, and reflect on effective restorative dialogue and a variety of proactive and responsive circles;
  5. Apply the principles of restorative practices to address a challenge that their schools or districts are facing;
  6. Demonstrate knowledge regarding a variety of research-based practices that can be implemented to prevent and respond to behavior within a framework of multi-tiered systems of support (e.g., universal/tier 1; secondary/tier 2 and tertiary/tier 3); and
  7. Develop an action plan to implement prevention-oriented alternatives to exclusionary school discipline practices in their respective settings.

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