Loyola University Chicago

School of Education


Measurement & Quantitative Methodology Certificate

This certificate program is a five-course (15 hour) program that leads to a certificate in Measurement & Quantitative Methodology. 

Core Courses

The basic (core) courses include (2-3 courses – depending on the student’s research background)

  • RMTD 400 Intro of Educational Research
  • RMTD 404 Basic Statistics
  • RMTD 421 Introduction to Quantitative Research
  • RMTD 482 General Linear Model

Recommended List of Elective Courses:

After completing the core courses, students will take elective courses based on their needs and interests. If a student took two basic courses, s/he will choose three elective courses; if s/he took three basic courses, s/he will have to take two elective courses.  They can choose either measurement or quantitative methods oriented courses.

Measurement oriented (choose 2-3 courses)

  • RMTD 430 Psychological Measurement
  • RMTD 530 Item Response Theory
  • One of the Quantitative Method oriented course – see below

Quantitative methods oriented (choose 2-3 courses)

  • RMTD 403 Survey Design
  • RMTD 483 Multivariate Statistics
  • RMTD 484 Hierarchical Linear Models
  • RMTD 488 Meta-analysis
  • RMTD 580 Special Topic in Using R
  • STAT 388 Special Topic in Categorical Data Analysis
  • STAT 388 Special Topic in Longitudinal Data Analysis

Students who have taken courses in quantitative research can waive/transfer in a maximum of six credits to cover the basic requirement (core courses) of this certificate program and start with elective courses. The waived courses can only be the basic courses. Students who have taken some of the elective courses will have to choose different elective courses to fulfill the requirement of the certificate program.

Continuous Enrollments
Students in endorsement only programs are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that during each semester of each academic year (excluding Summer Sessions), each student must enroll in at least one course. A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the School of Education’s Associate Dean of Student Academic Services.

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