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EdD in Administration & Supervision

Admission to the EdD in Administration & Supervision program has been postponed until Fall 2016.

Degree Requirements

Total Hours: 72
Practicum: Required
Comprehensive: Proctored Exam
Dissertation: Required

The Ed.D. degree program in Administration & Supervision requires completion of 72 hours of coursework, which may include up to 33 hours of credit from the candidate's master's degree. Also required are a dissertation (and oral defense) in the field of educational administration and supervision along with comprehensive examinations.

Program Length
Students typically take up to two or three courses each term and up to two courses during the summer. Completion time for a dissertation depends on the topic selected and the diligence of the student. Time for degree completion, including the dissertation, is a maximum of seven years. (See SOE Policy: Time Limit for Degree Completion)

Continuous Enrollment
Doctoral students in educational administration and supervision are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. (See Policies for Academic Standing - Continuous Enrollment ) This means that during each semester of each academic year (excluding Summer Sessions), each student must do one of the following:

  • Enroll in one of the following:
    • At least one course OR
    • ELPS 610 - Doctoral Studies (maximum enrollment two semesters) OR
    • ELPS 600 - Dissertation Supervision
  • A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the Associate Dean.

Candidates in all programs leading to Illinois licensure are required to pass an Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), the appropriate endorsement exam, and a State Criminal Background Check.

Responsible conduct in research and scholarship


Depth Area (24 semester hours)

  • Courses in educational administration and supervision
  • A representative administrative core: (school law, school finance, leadership, supervision, human resources, and research)
  • Two seminars (500-level) in administration and supervision
  • Practicum in School Administration (Instructions and Application)
  • Approved electives including ELPS 620 Dissertation Research

Doctoral Program Research Core (9 hours)

  • RMTD 420 Educational Research I: Building a Body of Evidence Using Qualitative Methods
  • RMTD 421 Educational Research II: Building a Body of Evidence Using Quantitative Methods
  • Research Methodology Course

Residency Requirement
During their residency year, doctoral students are required to participate in a two-semester residency seminar (summer NOT included) conducted by departmental faculty.

Comprehensive Assessment  
A four hour comprehensive examination is required in the depth area. A two hour comprehensive examination is required from four minor areas selected from law, finance, supervision, special education, administration, research, human resources, and leadership. More details.

Comprehensive examination application deadlines:

  • Fall Exam - August 1
  • Spring Exam - December 1

See School of Education Academic Calendar for comprehensive exam dates


  • Dissertation - Ed.D. Dissertation forms
  • Oral defense of the dissertation

Degree Conferral
While the commencement ceremony is every May, degrees can be conferred May, August, and December. (Students with an August degree conferral are eligible to participate in the following May’s commencement ceremony.) Students must apply for graduation/degree conferral. Students should apply for graduation in the semester they anticipate completing all degree requirements. Failure to meet application deadlines may result in a delay of the conferral of the degree to the following semester. Applications for Degree Conferral are due:

  • August 1 for December conferral
  • December 1 for May conferral
  • February 1 for August conferral

Please note the degree conferral application is valid for only one semester. If the degree is not conferred for the semester requested, a new application is required for a subsequent semester.


Students with two years of school supervisory or administrative experience and who possess an Illinois Type 75 general administrative or principal certificate or comparable out-of-state certificate may complete Loyola's recommended program to meet the academic aspects of certification requirements for the superintendent endorsement in the State of Illinois and in those states with similar requirements. Successful completion of the required certification examinations is required.