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EdD in Administration & Supervision: CPS Principal Preparation

The CPS EdD program in Administration & Supervision requires completion of 72 hours of graduate coursework, of which 39 must be completed at Loyola. The coursework is completed in four years with six semesters of internship and two semesters of residency. Also, this program requires a written Comprehensive Assessment covering core Administration and Supervision courses, and a Dissertation Capstone project in the field of transformative, educational leadership. Completion of the Dissertation Capstone Project is a requirement for graduation. Students may apply up to 33 hours of credit from a master's degree or prior coursework.

Required Courses (24 courses)

Sequence and Timing of Courses

  • CIEP 468: Teaching and Learning in Urban Communities
  • CIEP 477: Academic Assessments and Interventions
  • CIEP 488: Action Research to Improve Teaching and Learning
  • ELPS 461: Issues in School Law
  • ELPS 465: Topic: Instructional Leadership: Equity and Justice to Foster Community Relationships and Engagement
  • ELPS 465: Topic: The Superintendency: Creating District-Level Leadership
  • ELPS 465: Topic: Instructional Leadership: Cultural Context Informed Decision Making (Rome)
    CIEP 473: Instructional Leadership for Multicultural Schools (WTC)
  • ELPS 468: Problems in Finance & Business Management
  • ELPS 475: Human Resource Administration for the School District Leader
  • ELPS 560: Seminar in School Administration
  • ELPS 562: Practicum ins School Administration (Growing capacity to provide systems-level leadership within CPS)
  • ELPS 563: Administrative Internship (all semesters for three years)
  • ELPS 571: Seminar in Current Issues in School Supervision
  • ELPS 600: Dissertation Supervision (Impact project for sustainable continuous improvement - two semesters)
  • ELPS 620: Dissertation Research (Creating systemic change for improved school outcomes)
  • RMTD 404: Introduction to Educational Statistics
  • RMTD 420: Educational Research I: Building a Body of Evidence Using Qualitative Methods
  • RMTD 421: Educational Research II: Building a Body of Evidence Using Quantitative Methods

Continuous Enrollment: Doctoral students in the Administration & Supervision program are required to maintain the status of continuous enrollment during their program of studies. This means that students complete the cohort in the course sequence and time frame as defined. A formal leave of absence may be granted upon request and the approval of the Associate Dean.

Illinois Licensure Requirements: Candidates in all programs leading to Illinois licensure are required to pass an Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly known as the Basic Skills test), the appropriate endorsement exam, and a State Criminal Background Check.

Degree Conferral: While the commencement ceremony is every May, degrees can be conferred May, August, and December. (Students with an August degree conferral are eligible to participate in the following May’s commencement ceremony.) Students must apply for graduation/degree conferral. Students should apply for graduation in the semester they anticipate completing all degree requirements. Failure to meet application deadlines may result in a delay of the conferral of the degree to the following semester. Applications for Degree Conferral are due:

  • August 1 for December conferral
  • December 1 for May conferral
  • February 1 for August conferral

Please note the degree conferral application is valid for only one semester. If the degree is not conferred for the semester requested, a new application is required for a subsequent semester.

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