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Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola

Diversity Studies

If you have facilitated, or been part of, diversity and inclusion-focused studies through Loyola, please consider sharing your work with the Provost's office. 

Summer 2017

Associate Professor and Assistant Provost on Academic Diversity, Chris Manning, would like to collect any diversity related studies within the realm of students and faculty, to execute an analysis across those studies for relevant themes, and to create a broad institutional context for diversity that can provide data for planning in the 2017-2018 academic year. Your help is crucial for the university's diversity initiatives to succeed!

  • Please consider reviewing your archives to see if you have any diversity related self-studies (gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity/race, class, staff, faculty, or students) from the past ten years.

Next Steps...

Chris' plan is to collaborate with the Diversity Coordinator in the Provost’s Office (Rayne Bozeman), in order to review the data, write a macro-analysis of all the reports in an executive summary, and provide the original reports (only with your permission) as appendices as a virtual master assessment of diversity at Loyola for the start academic year 2017-2018. Examples of existing reports:

  • The 2007 Survey of African American Faculty
  • The 2011 Graduate Diversity Report
  • The 2015 Graduate Diversity Report
  • The 2016 Diverse Faculty Interviews Report
  • The 2017 School of Education Microaggressions Report.  

Questions? Please contact Chris Manning at cmannin@luc.edu. The Provost's office thanks you in advance for your consideration.