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Post-Event Activities

This list identifies best practices after your webinar concludes.

Your Meeting Recording

  • Wait for the Recording to finish processing. If you recorded your Webinar, make sure the workstation that initiated the recording waits until the meeting has finished converting. An Windows Explorer window will appear with 3 files, the chat transcript (if applicable), an MP4 video of the recording, as well as an M4A audio-only file (good for use as a podcasting audio file). Make sure to save your files to your private drive, a USB Flash Drive, and/or a Microsoft Office OneDrive location before you log off the workstation.

  • Upload your Meeting Recording to Panopto. Consider uploading your finalized and reviewed meeting recording video to Panopto. Panopto is a tool managed by Information Technology Services for lecture capture and video sharing. You can make videos public, unlisted (only accessible to those with the link), or private (limited to an audience within Loyola that you decide who has access). For more information about Panopto, click here.

  • Review the meeting recording after upload. After uploading your full recording into Panopto, you may want to consider editing the meeting to trim the beginning and the end (such as an introduction to the Zoom tool, or choosing to remove the Q&A section, or portions). Visit the How do I edit a Panopto session? for more instructions about using Panopto's editor.

Following Up with your Audience

  • Download your Webinar Reports. Download CSV reports detailing Registration, Attendee, Performance, Q&A and Poll information. These metrics can be beneficial to review audience participation, attendance, successes and areas for improvement with future webinars.

  • Follow-up with those who attended, and those who couldn't make it. Send follow-up notices to registrants and attendees, include your meeting recording link, reiterate any calls to action from the webinar, links for any guest presenters and your department's website for ease of contact in the future.

Reminder: When uploading media, make sure you are compliant with the Office of Online Learning's Guidelines for Recording Students During Online Classes policies.
More Zoom Webinar Tips and Tricks. Visit Zoom's website for more tips and tricks, such as the Getting Started with Zoom Webinars, Zoom Webinar Best Practices Checklist, and Zoom Webinars FAQ.

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