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Menu Navigation

Menus at the top of the Meeting client (Application Bar menus) can be navigated to and executed entirely by keyboard.

  • Press Ctrl+ Space to activate the Meeting menu.
  • The left and right arrow keys activate adjacent menus on the Application Bar.
  • The down arrow key activates the current menu. To select an item within the menu, use the down, up, left, and right arrows keys.
  • Enter selects the current menu item.
  • Esc closes the current menu.

Navigation among pods

You can navigate among the visible pods entirely by keyboard.

  • Press Ctrl+F6 (Windows) or Command+F6 (Mac OS) to navigate to the next visible pod.
  • When you navigate to a pod, a colored border displays around the pod’, indicating that the pod is actively selected.

You can specify the color of the border for all meetings in an account. Click Administration > Customization > Customize Meeting > Button Rollover.

Certain pods have a default field that assumes focus. For example:

  • Chat pod: Focus defaults to the new message field.
  • Notes pod: Focus defaults to the note letting you change the message.
  • Attendees pod: Focus defaults to the selected users in the list, or to the first user in the list if no users are selected.

When the Adobe Connect client starts, the default focus is set to the Message entry area of the visible Chat pod, if one is available. If the Adobe Connect client loses focus (for example, if you switch to another application) and later regains focus, the Meeting application defaults back to the Message entry area of the visible Chat pod.

Accessibility Features

The following keyboard shortcuts provide improved accessibility so that the Adobe Connect Meeting client can be used as much as possible without a mouse.

Shortcuts for attendee management

ResultWindowsMac OS
Toggles Raise-Hand status Ctrl+E Command+E
Promote to host. Requires selected items in Attendees pod Ctrl+' Command+'
Demote to participant. Requires selected user in Attendees pod Ctrl+] Command+]
Promote to Presenter. Requires selected user in Attendees pod Ctrl+/ Command+/
End meeting Ctrl+\ Command+\

Shortcuts for navigating pods, menus, and windows

ResultWindowsMac OS
Toggle between notification window and meeting room F8 F8
Display application menu for keyboard navigation Ctrl+Space Command+F2
Move focus to next / previous pod Ctrl+F6 / Ctrl+Shift+F6 Command+F6 / Command+Shift+F6
Display pod menu for keyboard navigation Ctrl+F8 Command+F8
Retitle pod F2 F2

If pods are hidden by overlapping ones in Windows, press Ctrl+F9 to show them.

Shortcuts for audio and recordings

ResultWindowsMac OS
Toggles Microphone on or off Ctrl+M Command+M
Start/Stop Recording. For Start, brings up the Start Recording Dialog Ctrl+, Command+,
Toggles Play/Pause during playback of recorded meetings P P

Shortcuts for presenter content in the Share pod

Start/Stop Desktop Sharing Ctrl+[ (Windows) or Command+[ (Mac OS)
Next page/slide Page Up or Right Arrow
Previous page/slide Page Down or Left Arrow
Play/Pause P
Stop S
Mute M
Change view F

Shortcuts for the whiteboard

ResultWindowsMac OS
Clear Ctrl+D Command+D
Print Ctrl+P Command+P
Undo Ctrl+Z Command+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Command+Y
Delete selected items Del Delete
Move selected items in a specific direction Arrow keys Arrow keys

Shortcuts for the Chat pod

ResultWindowsMac OS
Place focus on Chat pod, activate cursor in new message field Ctrl+; Command+;
When cursor is in new message field, sends message Enter Return

Shortcuts for the Notes pod

ResultWindowsMac OS
Underline text Ctrl+U Command+U
Italicize text Ctrl+I Command+I
Place text in boldface Ctrl+B Command+B

Shortcuts for dialog boxes

ResultWindowsMac OS
Close or cancel a dialog box Esc Esc
Execute the default action (defined per dialog) Enter Return

Video Tutorial

The following video from Adobe TV includes a full overview of the accessibility features available in Adobe Connect:


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