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Start of Semester Printing Tips

Whether it's your first time printing from one of our multimedia computer labs on campus, or you're returning after a semester break, this page lists several reminders and tips as it relates to printing.

Where can I print?

Visit the Multimedia Lab Locations page to review all our on-campus computer labs. This page identifies total number of workstations, as well as all available Black & White and Color printers.

When do I receive Uniprint Funds on Loyola ID?

Campus Card will add $3.50 of Uniprint Funds (the equivalent of 35 pages of B&W double-sided printing for free) to student Loyola IDs beginning the second week of classes, once the final week of class registration closes during the first week of the semester. For more information to add funds to your Loyola ID, visit the Adding Rambler Bucks page on the Campus Card office website.

How much does it cost to print?

Visit the Printing Costs page for a detailed breakdown of the per page costs for the variety of printing options available in our labs.

How do I print?

Visit the Printing from a Lab Workstation page for instructions on how to print from a PC or a Mac. These new instructions include how to print using your Loyola ID or a Courtesy Card. You can also send print jobs directly via email, learn more here.

Can I print from my personal laptop, tablet or mobile device?

Yes! Beginning Fall 2017, students, faculty and staff can print to any of our Color and Black & White lab printers by email. Learn more about MobilePrint.