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Printing Costs

Please consider the environment before printing. To learn more about reducing our printing footprint, visit our Sustainable Printing page.

There is a per-page fee for print jobs in multimedia lab locations. The following rates apply for the various types of print jobs that are available:

Print FormatCost per sheet
Black & White double-sided (Duplex) (Default) $0.10
Black & White single-sided (Simplex) $0.07
Color or Tabloid single-sided (Simplex) $0.50
Poster-sized prints See Poster Printing

Each semester, students in courses will receive $3.50 (equivalent to 50 single-sided Black & White pages) of Uniprint Dollars on their Campus Card issued Loyola ID. These funds will be added after the first week of the semester after course registration closes. Unused allocations do not carry over from each year and are non-transferable. Once Uniprint Dollars are depleted, printing costs will be deducted from cardholder's Rambler Bucks account on your Loyola ID.

Faculty and Staff
It is recommended that faculty and staff utilize departmental printers for laser jet printing needs without the need for per-page fees. Faculty may request Printwise fund allocations for research by contacting their department budget administrator and the Campus Card office for further information. In addition, you may add Rambler Bucks funds to your personal Loyola ID to pay for print jobs when printing in multimedia labs.

Lab Users without Loyola IDs
Alumni, IC Guests and others who do not have a University issued ID card can pay for print jobs using a Courtesy Card. These cards available to purchase for $1 and funds may continue to be added in cash from the multiple Value Port Terminals locations around each campus.

Adding Print Funds

To add Rambler Bucks to your Loyola ID card, visit the Campus Card Adding Rambler Bucks page. For Value Port Terminal locations to add Rambler Bucks via cash or purchase a Courtesy Card, visit the Courtesy Cards page.

Print Errors and Reprints

We cannot provide refunds for reprints done due to typos and printing incorrect documents. We recommend always clicking Print Preview to see a preview of how the document will appear printed and paginated. This can also help to better avoid printing blank sheets as final pages in word processing documents. You may modify margins and page ranges in the Print Properties and Print Selection sections where necessary. 

If print jobs are significantly streaked, faded, smudged, spotty or creased due to printer, or there are paper jam or toner errors, please visit a Digital Media Services staffed location immediately so an advisor can assess the printer in order to replace paper or toner supplies and re-print the print job for you free of charge. Note that we cannot accept any refund requests without verification of the printer issue at the time of occurrence.