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Welcome to Digital Media Services

Digital Media Service (DMS) provides support to a number of technology resources for the Loyola Community. From video production equipment to large format poster printing, from multimedia lab locations and software to online applications and resources, we are dedicated to promoting your success inside and outside of the classroom. Your Loyola ID serves as your passport to creativity. While you’re active in the Loyola community, our doors are as open as your horizons.

Digital and Multimedia Labs

DMS provides support to a majority of the on-campus computing labs across the Lakeshore and Water Tower campus locations. We have two specialized Digital Media Lab spaces that are open-access to all students, faculty and staff, enabling diverse use in digital media with specialized software applications or hardware suitable for graphic design, video or audio creation. Learn more about our Digital and Multimedia Media Labs »

Equipment Loan Program

DMS manages and maintains a large array of equipment available for individual use to enhance projects and presentations and meet everyday technology needs in a variety of forms. Whether you need a phone charger or a laptop, or professional equipment such as DLSR cameras, camcorders, tripods and audio equipment suitable for video production, the loan program is here to best enable your success. Learn more about the Equipment Loan Program »

Poster Printing

Each of our equipment loan rooms have 42-inch plotter printers, available to print large scale posters to showcase your presentations for research symposiums or classwork or signage. We review and process each poster to best ensure quality prints. Learn more about Printing and Sustainability »

Training and Consultations

With a wide variety of technologies, equipment and resources - our professional staff and student workers are equipped to help consult and problem-solve any questions you may have related to our resources. Spanning online authorizations for specific equipment resources, to brainstorming how to tackle a digital media project, to resolving any questions you may have with our software or printing, we are here to provide support. Learn more about Training and Support »

Our services and resource are available for you to help shift thoughts from "What can I create?" to "What can't I create?" - We look forward to pushing your creative envelope and moving you from idea and theory to the development of a pristine final product!