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Fine Arts

Juan Chavez

Title/s: Instructor of Fine Arts

Office #: 773-508-7531

E-mail: juanchavezart@gmail.com


Juan Angel Chávez

Juan Angel Chavez was born in La Junta, Chihuahua, Mexico. At the age of thirteen, he immigrated with his family to Chicago. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Early College Program and continued his studies at The School, but did not obtain a degree. Rather, he began developing his professional experience by immersing him self in the underground culture of art, music and skateboarding. He found employment as an intern, in the Education and Performing Arts departments of The National Museum of Mexican Art, where he also participated in artists exchange programs and exhibitions. He established himself as a leading force in Chicago public art in which he left a trajectory of murals and mosaics through out Chicago’s neighborhood organizations, libraries and CTA train stations.

 Shortly after that, he began a series of Non-Permission projects throughout city streets and abandoned fields, in which he received the prestigious Richard H. Driehaus Individual Artist Award, for his endeavors.

 In 2001, leaving an impressive body or work behind. He transformed his practice form public art to 3D collage to develop his broader vision of art. Now, Chavez focuses in his larger then life, sculptures and installations made of found materials, light and sound. In which, Chavez, continues to establish his new trajectory within his work. His work has been exhibited nationally and international venues and has received national recognition for the work he has been doing.

 He has exhibited in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Mexican Art, and the Hyde Park Art Center, among many others.

Nationally, his work has been exhibited at venues in Los Angeles, California, Burlington, Vermont, Columbus Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York, NY. His abroad exhibitions have been, in Copenhagen, Denmark, Wellington, Christchurch NZ and Bangkok, Thailand. He has been recognized with the prestigious Richard H. Driehaus Individual Artist Award and the Louis Comfort Tiffany award in NY, NY, Artadia Individual artist award NY, NY and 3Arts, Chicago. He has also participated in artist residencies at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and Apex Art, NY, NY/ Bangkok Project.

 Chavez, also, has been an active participant in Chicago’s arts community, and has served as an Arts Representative on the City of Chicago’s Public Art Committee and currently holds a faculty position in the Sculpture Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.