Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning


Keesha Moliere

Keesha Moliere

What attracted me to CURL: 

As a current psychology student, I was unsatisfied with the idea of only publishing research that wouldn't make any direct impact on the populations I will work with. A mentor in the sociology department guided me to CURL and I was immediately interested with the idea of research activism. I know what the power of research has the ability to do and the impact it can create for under-researched and under-resourced marginalized communities. I think a center like CURL recognizes those disparities, works to be a medium that can put power back into the hands of disenfranchised people and strives to lessen the inequities that plagues their communities. 

What I hope to gain from CURL:

I hope to strengthen my research abilities and really expand on what it means to advocate for others. I want to learn more about the effects research can have on public policy which in effect will lead to social change/mobilization for underrepresented people. I think CURL is a unique program that is doing work that many places in academia aren't: it works to remove the barriers that the ivory tower has set up and create long-lasting changes in social/political realms. Being a part of CURL is fulfilling my passion of enacting real social justice, advocating for those who have been dis-empowered, and creating socio-political change in Chicago.