Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning


Yasmeen Khayr

Yasmeen Khayr

What attracted me to CURL:

I was attracted to CURL because of the community-based research they provide for organizations around the city. With my background in sociology, I have spent much time learning about research as well as conducting my own research. I have also spent time with non-profits and community organizing giving me a better understanding of the needs of the city. In learning about CURL, I was immediately hooked as it combined both of my interests: research and community-based work.

What I hope to gain from CURL:

I hope to gain the research skills I will need in my career as a sociologist, but also a more holistic understanding of the needs of the city. Too often, research is heavily academic, but I hope to have a better grasp of how to apply research to improve the communities around us.