Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning


Zachary Enriquez

Zachary Enriquez

What attracted me to CURL:

I sought an experiential learning experience that would not only hone my research skills but also open the door for measurable, attainable and implementable social change initiatives. CURL was able to provide that opportunity. Having lived in and around several different Chicago neighborhoods, I’ve witnessed first-hand the effects that policies and institutions relating to urban populations can have on the people of the community. As a communications major with an interest in public health advocacy, I found CURL to be an excellent way to branch out and learn about important contemporary social issues and their solutions.

What I hope to gain from CURL:

I hope to expand my knowledge and skill set pertaining to social justice initiatives. I seek to better understand the effects of social change, in the hopes that I can assist those populations who face social injustice on a day-to-day. I believe the initiatives that CURL promotes can provide a medium for meaningful and sustainable socio-political reform, especially in urban areas of high diversity like Chicago and its surrounding neighborhoods. To be a part of this work will fulfill my desire to be a person for others. I hope to use my privileged status as a student of this institution to educate, raise awareness and advocate for those without the means to do so themselves.