Faculty Support


In addition to the grants and projects directly awarded to the Center, CSEIT has expanded their activities to provide support to faculty in their scholarship endeavors.

 The Center continues as a resource for faculty in the following areas:  

  • Evaluation design
  • Tool development, data collection and data entry          
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Budget and other administrative support
  • Liaison to Research Services and Human Resources
  • Student Support
  • Opportunities for collaboration across faculty, projects and grants

The Center has received positive feedback from faculty regarding the support for grants they have been awarded, including administrative, student and staff support.  There has also been good collaboration with faculty and students on projects awarded directly to the Center.  Faculty have been involved in curriculum review, program evaluation and providing leadership to students.  A number of students have been involved in evaluation, analysis and assessment and report writing for the same projects over multiple years, while others have had varied experiences working on different projects through faculty and/or the Center.

 The Center is currently supporting faculty grants and projects which are detailed in the Projects Section.

Available Services

Research Assistant

•           Evaluation Design

•           Tool Development

•           Data Collection

•           Data Entry

•           Analysis and Reporting

Administrative and Budget Management (Administrative Assistant)

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Liaison to Human Resources and Research Services regarding staffing, time records, grant proposal set ups, employment paperwork, assist interpreting university policies and procedures
  • Student Support liaison – coordinate schedules, work hours across grants
  • Communication within and across grants/projects on project work, staffing issues
  • Budget projections, spreadsheets
  • Expense Reimbursements/Reconciliation
  • Coordination of local and out of state consultant hiring (contracts, invoices, reimbursements)
  • Data Entry
  • Liaison (Loyola and other universities) for data collection tasks (collection and reporting)
  • Transcriptions
  • Score tests and assessments of grade school students participating in research projects
  • Disseminate and collect surveys at professional development meetings for teachers participating in research project
  • Extract data and create charts for project reports
  • Proofread grant reports, research publications
  • Presentation materials for projects and center (PowerPoint, brochures, folders, labels)
  • Provide information technology user support, available on a daily basis to answer questions, provide one-on-one instruction to direct users (faculty, students) and/or relay information to information technologies staff as necessary
  • Identify software, programs to facilitate project work
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Travel arrangements
  • Correspondence
  • Supplies