Mission and Vision

The vision of CSEIT is to have a measurable impact on students, their teachers and families, in a systematic and sustainable manner on a national level.

The mission of the Center focuses on three major areas to achieve our vision. These three areas include pre-service training of education professionals, evaluation and research about best practices in schools, and the development of future leaders who can guide training and reform initiatives.

The objectives of the Center are to: (a) empower partners through training opportunities and professional development regarding leadership and evaluation strategies aligned with a coordinated continuum of school-wide academic, behavior, and social and emotional support, (b) provide pre-service training of educational professionals, and (c) conduct, evaluate, and disseminate research related to multi-tiered models of support.

Our Approach
These objectives are achieved by working with partners to develop and evaluate core academic curriculum, providing school-wide behavior supports, inclusive of teaching and acknowledging behavior expectations, redirecting students in non-confrontational ways and measuring impact. A key component of this professional development is to increase the capacity of school systems to provide prevention and early intervention, in alignment with the general education curriculum, to the general school population, at-risk students and students with disabilities.

The overall impact of this work is to improve student academic and behavioral performance on a local, state and national basis.