About Us

The Center for School Evaluation, Intervention and Training (CSEIT) provides training and technical assistance for faculty and administrators of the Chicago Public Schools, in the surrounding metropolitan area, state education agencies and other national partners.

The Center also focuses on pre-service personnel preparation of education professionals, research on best practices in high need schools, and the development of future leaders who can lead training and reform initiatives.

In addition to the grants and projects directly awarded to the Center, CSEIT has expanded their activities to provide support to faculty in their scholarship endeavors.

Our goal is to improve the lives of students, teachers, staff and families as they relate toschool experiences. There are major challenges for those working in our educational system to help students become successful adults. 

housed at the Loyola University Chicago School of Education, endeavors to address these needs through research and evaluation supports to schools, districts, service providers, and state agencies. 

The Mission and Vision of the Center as well as its functional areas are listed below.

  • Grants and Partnerships
    CSEIT collaborates with various local, state and higher education institutions across the country via a series of grants and partnerships.  Through these partnerships, CSEIT works to apply research-based tools and evidence-based practices that can address student, family and community outcomes. 
  • Training and Professional Development
    CSEITprojects provide Integrated pre-service training in best practices, leading research on high-school supports, and support of master's-level and doctoral students who conduct research on evidence-based academic and behavioral interventions for high schools. 
  • Technical Supports
    CSEITsupports the evaluation of statewide technical assistance initiatives through the development of an online, automated information system for data collection and analysis.

The overall impact of this work is to improve student academic and behavioral performance on a local, state and national basis.