Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

Charles Bilodeau

Curriculum Specialist

Charles comes to Loyola after successfully completing 34 years of high school teaching. During that span he developed and implemented four courses within Stevenson's science department's curriculum: Environmental Science, Biology C, Sheltered Biology (ESL), and Natural Science. He also had direct responsibility for developing extensive on-campus outdoor laboratories for major ecology units. Within Stevenson's Professional Learning Community he served as team leader for seven years while being a full time teaching biologist. He is credited with developing numerous cooperative teaching models for biology instruction currently being utilized. Charlie helped create the original criterion reference testing (CRT) key objectives for Biology and Environmental Science as well as the referenced assessment items. Charlie was the past chairman of the Northern Illinois Biology Teachers Basic Skills Council. As a presenter at the ISTA state conference for Sheltered (ESL) Biology programs, Charlie discussed the importance of specific teaching strategies and their implementation for those students. In addition to his responsibilities at Stevenson, he served as an adjunct teaching partner at National Louis University and Trinity International University where he developed both graduate and undergraduate Biology content methods courses. Charles' association with the BSCS curriculum began in 1996 as a field study participant. He has since worked as a consultant for Kendall-Hunt publishing company providing Professional Development for implementing the BSCS program in Washington State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Chicago Public Schools. Charlie also served as the University Supervisor for student teachers at Trinity. At Loyola, Charlie was the lead Professional Development provider for the BSCS “A Human Approach” Biology curriculum for the IDS project from 2006-2010. Additionally, during that time, he developed and taught courses in Scientific Research, Inquiry in the Science Classroom, and guided the capstone course in Action Research for the grant funded Master of Chemical Education cohort. Charlie currently serves as one of the facilitators for the FOCUSSS project           (funded through NSF) which identifies Chicago high school students that are interested in taking a deeper dive into sustainability issues through an e-course at home. Charles earned his B.S. degree from Millikin University and MS.Ed from Northern Illinois University. He is married to Kathy Angell and the Bilodeau's have two adult daughters Cari and Kadie.