Loyola University Chicago

Center for Science and Math Education

A. Overview

  • A three-year science curriculum aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards and the PSAE:
    • Biology, 9th grade,
    • Biology: A Human Approach (BSCS),
    • Chemistry, 10th grade,
    • Chemistry in the Community (ACS), and
    • Physics, 11th grade,
    • Active Physics (It’s About Time).
  • Inquiry-based instructional strategies are utilized in each course. Research suggests students who traditionally lag in science achievement perform best in an inquiry-based model.
  • The curriculum is integrated across 3 years by revisiting critical concepts (i.e. matter and energy, force and motion) and important skills (i.e. using evidence, communicating scientifically) with a consistent set of instructional practices and materials, lab investigations, technology, and assessment tools.
  • Teachers are more engaged in facilitating and managing classroom discussions of student generated ideas and experimental designs.
  • Teachers receive intensive and ongoing support in learning how to:
    • manage and guide classroom discussion;
    • implement a meaningful and consistent strategy for laboratory notebook use;
    • use technology and probeware in their classes, and;
    • interpret formative assessment items to make informed decisions about pedagogic strategies for classroom activities