Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

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Stephen Doty

Title/s: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Office #: N/A

Phone: N/A


External Webpage: http://doty.math.luc.edu


Dr. Doty received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, an MS in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University, and a BS in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin. Dr. Doty joined the Loyola faculty in 1987 after post-doctoral research/teaching positions at the University of Washington (Seattle) and the University of Notre Dame. His main research interests are in pure mathematics, spanning areas in: representation theory, group theory, finite-dimensional algebras, combinatorics, and certain aspects of mathematical physics. He has published more than thirty research papers in pure mathematics, and has lectured on his work in England, France, Germany, India, Canada, and the US. Dr. Doty's research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency, and he has received a number of visiting fellowships. In 2002–3, Dr. Doty was an EPSRC Research Fellow at Oxford University. Dr. Doty's interests in computer science include: theory of programming languages, functional programming, computer algebra systems, automata theory, algorithms and complexity, discrete mathematics, cryptography, coding theory, and open source software development. Dr. Doty has previously worked in software development, has served as a consultant, and taught computer science at a number of institutions of higher learning in Indiana and Seattle before joining the Loyola faculty. In 1988–9, Dr. Doty taught computer science in the NSF Young Scholars Program for gifted inner-city Chicago high school students.