2017 Awards

Amerisa Klaric

Jordan Carbol                                               

Marissa Divine                                    

Marie Freson                  

Alexandra Gage             

Chantal Gersch                

Aldina Kahari

Rachel Keller

Tracy Moore

Rebecca Mueller

Morgan Mueller

Henty Otto 

Kristina Gerardy

Title "The Criminal (In)justice System: Interactions between Transgender Women of Color and the Police"


Cole Vocelka

Title "A Reflection on Social Justice and White Privilege: The Job Hunt"


Scarlett Winters

Title "Chicago’s Segregation Problem: Why It Is Here and What Can Be Done About It"



Ioana Bogdan                          

Alexandra Boucher                    

Hayley A. Braun                      

Aldina Kahari                          

Margaret Ellen Mikulski

Evelyn Lagunas

Sarah Jane Norkus

Henry Otto

Aba Sekyiwa Nyarku