CHRC Responds to Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

CHRC Responds to Humanitarian Crisis at the Border


 The CHRC gathered an interdisciplinary team of experts representing the fields of social work, child welfare, law, child development, and psychology to provide a research-informed response via a letter to leaders of the White House and Congress. The CHRC sent a letter to the White House, leaders of US House and Senate, Illinois Congressional representatives, ranking members of Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Appropriations Committees, and co-sponsors of two bills that were recently introduced. A copy of the letter can be found here.

Collaborating faculty were Dr. Julia Pryce (SOSW), Anita Weinberg, JD, MSW (SOL), Dr. James Garbarino (CAS), and Dr. Katherine Tyson McCrea (SOSW). CHRC student children’s rights fellows, Jeanne Murray and Jade Gary, also provided critical research support and communication with external partners.  

We’d like to thank our colleagues, Maria Woltjen, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, Sarah Diaz, DePaul University Asylum & Immigration Clinic, Dr. Bradley Stolbach, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Trauma-Informed Care for Youth Injured by Violence Project, for their thoughtful input and review.


CHRC Responds to Children at the Border