Jack Wolf

CHRC 2013 Summer Intern

Jack Wolf

Jack completed his internship with the CHRC in December 2013 after being with the CHRC throughout the summer and fall. During his time at the Center, Jack was a rising fourth-year student at Loyola, majoring in Philosophy (Social Justice) and Global and International Studies, with minors in Political Science and Gender Studies. While at Loyola he had the opportunity to focus some of his research for various courses on children and family issues, such as access to healthcare, sex education, and maternity leave. While participating in a pre-law certification program at the University of Amsterdam during a semester abroad, Jack was able to focus on conflict studies and EU law, which he hopes will be useful while working with CHRC.

As an advocate of human rights for all individuals, Jack recognizes the specific importance of advocating for the rights of children, often the most vulnerable members of our communities. As a pre-law student, Jack enjoys researching and studying both domestic and international law regarding the human rights of children. He is excited to help the Center by playing an important role in research as well as the conversations and advocacy work that come about after research has been completed.


Update: 2/27/2014

Jack is now working as a legal assistant at Fragomem, a corporate immigration firm in downtown Chicago.  His pre-law certificate and experience researching human rights issues prepared him for his next professional chapter!