International Law Review Symposium

War Wounds: The role of international criminal justice in rebuilding the rule of law

Following armed conflict, political strife, and natural disasters, nations are faced with the challenge of rebuilding. This symposium is designed to facilitate discussion about some of the important issues facing nations during this process. How do nations hold UN peacekeepers accountable when they commit crimes against civilians who they are obligated to protect? Does head of state immunity help countries heal or does it merely create more divisions? How important is national and cultural identity in the international criminal justice system and how does culture influence notions of justice?   Please join us to explore some of these pressing topics in international law.

Featuring Kathryn Bolkovac who will share her experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina where she served as a UN human rights investigator. During her service, she uncovered military contractor and international peacekeeper misconduct, along with the facilitation of sex trafficking rings among her colleagues and UN officials. She will address how these types of crimes and lack of accountability influence a nation's ability to rebuild following armed conflict.


Date - Friday, February 3, 2017

Location - Ceremonial Court Room, 10th Floor, 25 E Pearson St

Time - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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