Loyola University Chicago

Center for the Human Rights of Children

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

In its pursuit of an agenda of interdisciplinary research, education, and service to address critical and complex issues affecting children and youth, the Center for the Human Rights of Children relies on faculty from a broad range of disciplines, schools, and organizations in completing its work. Below you will find a constantly growing list of affiliated faculty and staff contributing their efforts to the Center's mission:

  • Deborah Baskin, PhD, Professor and Chairperson (Criminal Justice and Criminology)
  • Mary Bird, JD, Director of Public Service Programs (Law)
  • Ralph Braseth, PhD, Manager of Student Media (Communication)
  • Mark Cichon, DO, Professor, (Medicine)
  • Sacha Coupet, JD, PhD, Assistant Professor (Law); Director of Research, Civitas ChildLaw Center
  • John Donoghue, PhD, Assistant Professor (History)
  • Melina Healey, JD, Post-Graduate Teaching Fellow (Law)
  • Diane Geraghty, JD, Professor (Law); A. Kathleen Beazley Chair in ChildLaw; Director, Civitas ChildLaw Center
  • Hille Haker, PhD, Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Catholic Moral Theology (Theology)
  • Grayson Holmbeck, PhD, Professor and Clinical Program Director (Psychology)
  • Caleb Kim, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor (Social Work)
  • Arthur Lurigio, PhD, Professor and Faculty Scholar (Criminal Justice and Criminology)
  • Timothy O'Brien, PhD, Professor and Graduate Program Director (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Julia Pryce, PhD, Assistant Professor (Social Work)
  • Maryse Richards, PhD, Professor (Psychology)
  • Peter Schraeder, PhD, Professor and Graduate Program Director (Political Science)
  • David Shriberg, PhD, Associate Professor (Education)
  • Shweta Singh, PhD, Assistant Professor (Social Work)
  • Noah Sobe, PhD, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director (Education)
  • Anita Thomas, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator (Education)
  • Katherine Tyson McCrea, PhD, Professor (Social Work)
  • Barbara Velsor-Friedrich, RN, PhD, Professor (Nursing)
  • Maria Vidal de Haymes, PhD, Professor (Social Work)
  • Anita Weinberg, JD, MSSW, Clinical Professor (Law)
  • Michael Welch, JD, Senior Instructor (Quinlan School of Business)